As Justice of the Peace,

Joseph Bollinger:

Proposed a small business grant program for businesses negatively effected by COVID-19 and Federal/State Government regulations

Promoted the Sanctity of Life by sponsoring the first “Pro-Life County” resolution in the State of Arkansas

Protected the rights of ALL Benton County residents

Sponsored Criminal Justice Programs that reduced recidivism rates by focusing on Rehabilitation, lowered our jail population, and saved tax dollars

Voted against expensive federal spending programs that hurt every-day Benton County residents through crushing inflation

Backed our Law Enforcement by sponsoring ordinances to purchase bullet proof vests and the purchase of body cameras/dash cameras. Also pushed to increase our deputies compensation and benefits

Secured our elections by sponsoring ordinance to purchase more secure election equipment while also increasing the speed of the check in process

Proposed cuts to lower our Property and County Sales tax

Worked to shrink Government

Listened to constituents with public Sit-Downs and polling – I work for YOU!

“Government’s first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.”

– Ronald Reagan

“Real Patriotism is a willingness to challenge the government when it’s wrong.”

– Ron Paul

Core PrincIples:

Individual Liberty


Limited Government

Pro-Second Amendment

True Conservatism

My campaign slogan is “We the People” because I believe in putting the people in my district and county first. 

As an individual I am dedicated to serve my constituents, Arkansas, and my Country. I am focused on continuing to be engaged with our community, hearing your concerns, and acting in your best interest. It’s about a grassroots, conservative movement that puts the people of my district first.

I will keep working for “We the People” of our district and county, and I would be honored to continue to represent the people of Benton County, District 7.

Phone: 479-531-0788
Address: 14 Kiswick Drive Bella Vista, AR 72714